Money Exchangers in Delhi
Money exchange is not a problem now as Indian Economy has liberalized itself. There are lots of money exchangers in Delhi. You will find a lot of kiosk near Railway station but try and stick to the government authorized ones. Rate slightly varies from kiosk to kiosk so bargain for the best one. The major centers are Connaught Place and Pahargunj. The one at Connaught place are well maintained and provide other supports apart from money exchange. Almost all of them have boards displaying the latest forex rates and are integrated with the forex market so they get updated every hour. If you want to save extra dough, then head for Pahargunj. Though operators in this area are a bit dicey, just keep your eyes open and you might get better bargain.

All the major hotels including budget hotels have their own in house money exchangers and they go by the latest market rates. These are displayed on electronic boards too. International providers such as Visa, Master card and Maestro provide their services in Delhi. International money transfer giant, 'Western Union Money Transfer' also operates from the city.